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Ways to Cultivate Community in a Coworking Space

Community building takes work – and cultivating a community in a coworking space is no exception Creating a coworking community requires more than just attracting people to become members - coworking space leaders must also curate the community and encourage...

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Everything You Need to Know About Coworking

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the perks of coworking – networking, working alongside new people, free coffee, shared desk space – might suddenly seem more like hazards. And certainly, the pandemic has changed coworking – for now. Here is everything you need...

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10 Surprising Coworking Stats

Coworking spaces have upended office norms, transforming work and collaboration in the 21st century and highlighting the need to disrupt “business as usual” in favor of something a little more innovative. To help showcase how impactful coworking is to modern life,...

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The 7 Coworking Trends We Expect to See Now

Coworking has evolved since its inception in 2005, when software engineer Brad Neuberg launched the first coworking space to meet his own needs as an entrepreneur. Today, coworking is a solution not just for budding entrepreneurs and early-stage startups, but also for...

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